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Succesful Investor

“As an investor, buying and selling a number of properties over the years, I can honestly say that having the right agent assisting you with the acquisition of properties makes ALL the difference. When I reflect on my experiences working with Dan, the thing that stick outs the most to me is his ability to negotiate and ensure that I get what I want for a price that I am comfortable paying. Through Dan’s experiences, he has acquired a number of strategies and methodologies he employs in order to assist him in bringing about results that I am happy with. As well through the utilization of his personalized search engine, he helps keep me on top of things so that I do not miss any opportunities and when I see a property that I feel holds some potential, Dan ensures that he gets me in to see the property as soon as possible. When considering what I am willing to pay for a property, Dan develops an extensive CMA to ensure that we are familiar with each and every market that we are evaluating, so that I am confident that the price I am paying for a property is justified. I highly recommend to anyone considering getting into real estate to draw upon Dan’s wealth of knowledge and insight in order to ensure you are making the right decisions and are not being cheated.”

Buyer: Brad Malcolm

Uptown Waterloo


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