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"My service from Dan can be summed up in one word, Awesome. He partnered up with a local realtor who took care of all the local requirements of the listing in a prompt professional manner. Meanwhile Dan helped me deal with all the necessary paperwork including negotiating the offer from Kitchener along with ensuring my home was well advertised via numerous websites. Dan’s determination to get the job done was highly appreciated. My home/property was very unique which meant there would be a limited number of buyers looking for this type of property. Dan informed me of this from the get go and then spent the next several months consistently advertising the home waiting for the right buyer to notice the ads. Despite non-satisfactory offers, Dan helped me tactfully respond to these offers and I am very happy to say we sold the home for almost 98% of my list price. Dan consistently kept in touch with me ensuring that I had whatever information I needed from comparable properties pricing info, to visitor’s feedback, to a general breakdown of the overall attention my property was attaining via the ads. Thanks for everything Dan"

Sellers: Dwayne Jackson

Tiverton, ON


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