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Sold in 1 day, $99+% + Quick Closing

Dan you did a PERFECT job, you sold the home in 1 day. You  helped me price the home accurately so that it sold quickly along with being accessible and providing good insight as to what I should do to prep/stage my home so that I would maximize my profits. Thanks for your patience as I worked at preparing my home for sale and coming out several times to review/evaluate the sales in my neighbourhood over the course of several months prior to listing my home. You did an exceptional job of networking the 1200+ agents on your database promptly so that we were able to attain not only 99+% of my list price but also a very quick closing. I appreciated your ability to accommodate my long distance needs while I was out of the country utilizing the appropriate technology and ensuring all documentation was processed as needed to be while I was away, so that upon my return the closing process was smooth.” 

Seller: Mark Greig

Cambridge, East Galt


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