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SOLD 97% List

"We really appreciated how easy it was to get a hold of Dan throughout the entire transaction. He always answered our questions directly and did not beat around the bush. His honest upfront nature really stuck out to us in regards to what makes Dan a great agent. Dan utilized a number of websites to market our home which ultimately helped bring in the right buyer along with appropriate signage on the property. We appreciated the consistent feedback he provided along with the comparable which we carefully reviewed and analyzed as we considered an appropriate selling price for our home. Dan told us that a home like ours may take up to 6 months to sell and we were happy to see he did it in less time. We know that a unique home like ours requires a unique buyer, and Dan continued to work at it until he found us our buyer. Now we can move into our new home without having to worry about selling this one. Thanks Dan."

Sellers: Aleta & Ray Stryker

North Dumfries


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