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Sold 100% of Asking & attained 5 months closing within 4 days

“Dan, you did an excellent job of representing and helping us sell our home quickly. We especially appreciated how you involved us every step of the way. You ensured that everything met our expectations/needs: including pictures, showings, and our overall needs. You communicated consistently and clearly regarding anything that pertained to the sale of our home. Overall, you did an excellent job of listing our home, ensuring that we attracted numerous viewers’ right from the onset. We were especially nervous about attaining a long closing of 5 months, in order to accommodate the construction of our new home. Ultimately, the thing that impressed us the most was that you were able to attain a closing that met our needs, hence saving us the aggravation of having to find alternative accommodations.”

Sellers: Chris & Emily Saville

Kitchener, West - Huron Village


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