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No Lost Opportunity, Last Unit

“Dan you were a great realtor. We especially appreciated how promptly you got back to us, utilizing the blackberry to constantly stay in touch regarding all facets of the transaction. One of the most helpful tools that assisted us in our house hunt was your automated search engine. This search engine helped me stay on top of what was happening on the housing market without necessitating that I need to consistently review the public MLS system. If something new came available that met my personalized specs, I was notified ASAP via email. I never felt like I missed any opportunities because the system ensured that I was aware. As well Dan made sure he got me into any homes that interested me as quickly as possible. We appreciated Dan’s friendliness and his honesty, never pushing any given home and always addressing any areas of concern. He went beyond the call of duty serving as a go-between with our mortgage specialist, addressing and explaining any areas of concern. He ensured that all the appropriate papers were passed on to the lawyers and mortgage specialist. Overall he ensured everything was handled properly so that we can look forward to enjoying our new home without worrying about something being missed.”

Buyers: Tyler Niles & Pamela Hoffarth

Kitchener West  - Huron Park


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