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Sellers Success Stories

SOLD, 98+% of list price - USA, California

Testimonial: "Thanks Dan.  It was nice to be able to show you guys too.  Thanks for all your help, advice and prayers through the process.  It means a lot to me knowing that you were praying.  We took your advice more than once and it paid off, especially in regards to the list price. We also really appreciated your insight and advise as we had to negotiate the initial sale and then afterwards as we addressed some inspections concerns.  Glad we listened.  :)  "

        Sellers: Ruth & Kevin Horan




2'nd Highest sale price and highest for that style of unit ACHIEVED - Kitchener - Freeport

Testimonial: "Dan did a great job of selling our home. He got us what we were looking. The Home evaluation was helped us ascertain the current value of our home, especially in light of all the upgrades we made to the home over the last few years. We especially appreciated Dan’s exceptional communication, always keeping us in the loop as to how things were going and being readily accessible, getting back to us in a timely manner. When it came to negotiations, Dan got the buyer to come up substantially from their initial offer price. The best part was that he not only got us the right price but he got the job done quickly. Thanks Dan."

        Sellers: Tam Thanh Huynh & Huong Pham 


Waterloo, West - Beechwood

Testimonial: "All around we appreciated Dan's hard work. He did a great job. He lined up a good number of open houses to ensure our home was appropriately exposed to the buying public throughout the listing. He handled all conflicts really well. We especially appreciated how accessible Dan was, via both texting and phone calls according to what my needs were. The level of professionalism and thoroughness was highly appreciated."

        Sellers: Beata & Peter




SOLD, new record sale price - Kitchener - Kingsdale

Testimonial: "I picked Dan as my agent because I knew that he is honest and knowledgeable, and ultimately would look after my well being. Dan provided good staging advice, did a good job of coming up with value: showing me and reviewing with me the comps. He was willing to try my list price initially but advised me in a timely manner to adjust price in order to ensure the home did not go stale and was able to pull in top price for homes comparable to my own. Together we set a new bench mark, YEAH!!! Dan did a great job of keeping in touch and was on top of keeping the flyers updated as we made adjustments."

        Sellers: Paul Masters



SOLD in 3 Weeks - Waterloo, West - Lakeshore

Testimonial: "Dan did a fine job, wonderful service. I really appreciated how accessible he was, accommodating my communication preferences. He gave me plenty of notice for showing and if there was a buyer that needed short notice showing, he got ahold of me right away and got my permission before letting people into the home. Dan provided a thorough home evaluation and did a great job of pricing my home. Most importantly he handled the negotiation right. While the initial offer was not acceptable, he was able to encourage the buyer to bring us a much better offer, quick closing which I wanted, and the seller forwent the home inspection which saved me a lot of potential hassle and needless concern. Looking forward to moving on with my life, thanks for helping make this possible Dan."

        Sellers: Shane Woods

 SOLD in 4 days Multiple Offers = 100%+ list priceWaterloo, East - East Bridge

Testimonial: "Dan was the right guy for the job in every regard. First off, I appreciate his honesty and openness. His aggressive marketing, pull within the real-estate community and his experience shone through the open house in which he was able to bring us one of what came to be 2 offers on the home. His aggressiveness and efficiency helped get the home sold with 4 days for more then what we had the home listed for. He displayed great control in arranging and drawing in the multiple offers, always made a point of being available to discuss our concerns and thoughts, and ultimately his experience helped make the process very efficient and smooth. Thanks Dan! It's all a firm sale and now I can have a messy house again! Lol"

        Sellers: Chris DaSilva

 SOLD 97% List - North Dumfries

Testimonial: "We really appreciated how easy it was to get a hold of Dan throughout the entire transaction. He always answered our questions directly and did not beat around the bush. His honest upfront nature really stuck out to us in regards to what makes Dan a great agent. Dan utilized a number of websites to market our home which ultimately helped bring in the right buyer along with appropriate signage on the property.  We appreciated the consistent feedback he provided along with the comparable which we carefully reviewed and analyzed as we considered an appropriate selling price for our home. Dan told us that a home like ours may take up to 6 months to sell and we were happy to see he did it in less time. We know that a unique home like ours requires a unique buyer, and Dan continued to work at it until he found us our buyer. Now we can move into our new home without having to worry about selling this one. Thanks Dan."

        Sellers: Aleta & Ray Stryker

SOLD in 2.5 Weeks - Kitchener, East - North Ward

Testimonial: "We are so happy to have the sale of our home behind us so that we could focus on packing and getting ready to move into our new home. We were pretty stressed but we were very thankful it was sold firm within 3 weeks. We appreciated that you were on top of things, handling everything ASAP and in the right manner. We appreciated your confidence which in turn encouraged us knowing that we had hired the right realtor who would get the job done for us. Thanks for providing us right. J"

        Sellers: Werner & Cindy Meyer


SOLD in ll days Multiple Offers - Kitchener, West - Laurentian Hills

Testimonial: "Dan did a great job of not only providing us with great comparables but he presented it in a very user friendly format. Together we reviewed the CMA and analysed the information and were able to establish an appropriate list price that we felt would help us attain the highest price for our home in a timely manner. Dan provided the perfect balance of assisting us in ensuring our home was staged and showed well to our prospective purchasers without requiring us to disrupt our lives by storing belongings and performing numerous renovations to the home. Throughout the whole process the home continued to feel like out home that we could continue to enjoy and function in as per normal. My neighbours were very impressed by the photos Dan took of the home, taking shots of the room etc. from various angles that complimented the features of the room.  As has become our experience, again Dan networked showings and the agents in such a manner that he was able to attain multiple offers and because of this we attained 99% of our list price within 2 weeks of listing the home."

        Sellers: WAYNE & DONNA JACKSON

SOLD in 8 days, Multiple Offers - Kitchener, West - Victoria Hils 

Testimonial: "We have worked with a number of the agents in the past, and there are a number of things that impressed us in regards to how Dan handled all the responsibilities of the listing. Right from the onset we appreciated that Dan took the time to establish a good methodology for arranging showings and keeping us well informed regarding when the showings would be. Dan knows real-estate and the associated values; and despite oppositions from other agents and customers, he confidently stood by the list price. He is very well informed regarding the values inherent in real estate and utilized this as he presented good counter-arguments during the negotiation process. He confidently held his ground.  He aggressively marketed our home from the onset and within 2 weeks as a result of networking the agents, he was able to coordinate multiple offers on the home, helping us attain 99+% of list price."

        Sellers: WAYNE JACKSON(POA) 


Testimonial: "My service from Dan can be summed up in one word, Awesome. He partnered up with a local realtor who took care of all the local requirements of the listing in a prompt professional manner. Meanwhile Dan helped me deal with all the necessary paperwork including negotiating the offer from Kitchener along with ensuring my home was well advertised via numerous websites. Dan’s determination to get the job done was highly appreciated. My home/property was very unique which meant there would be a limited number of buyers looking for this type of property. Dan informed me of this from the get go and then spent the next several months consistently advertising the home waiting for the right buyer to notice the ads. Despite non-satisfactory offers, Dan helped me tactfully respond to these offers and I am very happy to say we sold the home for almost 98% of my list price. Dan consistently kept in touch with me ensuring that I had whatever information I needed from comparable properties pricing info, to visitor’s feedback, to a general breakdown of the overall attention my property was attaining via the ads. Thanks for everything Dan"

     Sellers: Dwayne Jackson

SOLD 99% OF LIST PRICE! - Kitchener, West - Huron Park

Testimonial: "We felt very comfortable with Dan, with his approachable personality. It seemed like he was always available to talk to us, and if we weren’t able to get through to him right away, he got back to us promptly. He consistently advertised the home and provided us with feedback so that we knew what people were saying and could prepare our home for selling. We appreciated his input in regards to how we could go about making our home more attractive to sellers. Obviously Dan had other clients (and a family), but always made time for us. We got frustrated a few times with the sales process, but he always looked at the positives and calmed us down. Much appreciated."

        Sellers: Pat & Ewa Wilson



Sold in 2 Days 99% of List Price - Waterloo, West - Clair Hills

Testimonial: "Thank you so much for all your help in selling and finding another house. Your help certainly made the process so much easier, especially understanding all the paperwork. Your patience and expertise is very much appreciated. I'm very excited about my new house. Looking forward to moving and working on making it my own. Thanks so much again!!!"


       Seller: Debbie Olheiser


SOLD IN JUST 2 DAYS 98+% - Cambridge - East Galt


Testimonial: "Why did you sell my home so quickly Dan, LOL. Well if you’re going to do it fast at least you got me top dollar, which was appreciated. I was completely satisfied with Dan from start to finish. It was a pleasure working with Dan; he has a great personality providing excellent service from the start to the very end. Dan was easy to get a hold of and always very friendly and caring, taking the time to visit with Laura at the old age home."


       Sellers: Arthur & Laura Penny





Testimonial: “We were impressed by how organized and efficient he was in getting our home marketed quickly, taking photos, composing write-up, prepping feature sheets, signs, posting online ads, etc… he didn’t waste any time. He had some good suggestions regarding staging our home, including posting summer shots of the backyard and pool highlighting these attractive features despite all the snow and the gardens that at the time had not bloomed. We appreciated the consistent feedback after the showings. Accommodating email and text communication was also appreciated as it was convenient for us. Negotiations were handled superbly both during the offer and post-inspection when the buyer’s tried to renegotiate.”

         Sellers: Cara & Tony Tavares

 Sold in 2 Days 99% of List Price - Kitchener West, Alpine Village

Testimonial: "We are really happy that we hired Dan Elliot to sell our home. We had met another agent and were going to go with them, but decided to choose Dan because of his positive attitude, information he prepared for us, and for listening to what we wanted. The other agent told us how much to sell our house, while Dan provided us with costs of homes in our area and let us decide what we wanted to do. And when we had an offer, negotiation skills, along with advice and guidance, helped us come to agreement with the buyers. Even after the closing was firmed up, he still answered our questions and gave us advice. We will recommend Dan to anyone we know who is interested in buying or selling a home. Thanks alot Dan."

        Sellers: Sean Henderson and Bing Qi 

SOLD 104% in only 4 DAYS! - Township of New Hamburg

Testimonial: “Thanks for getting the job done quickly Dan. We really appreciated having the home sold in just 4 days, saving us a lot of stress and hassle. You met our expectations and it was a nice bonus getting more than we asked for the home as a result of attaining multiple offers and negotiation strategies.”

        Sellers: Brian Correia & Lorie Dietrich


Sold 98% of List Price in 5 DAYS - Kitchener, West - Forest Heights

Testimonial: “You did everything right Dan. You made the process very easy for me. I worked with another agent prior and it was very stressful. Dan you were very open, available, you provided lots of good advice, always friendly and approachable. I will definitely make a point of referring you to anyone I know who is looking to buy or sell a home in the future.”

        Seller: Cindy Noravong


Sold 98+% - Township of Elmira

Testimonial: “Dan got the job done fairly quickly. We knew that if we wanted the home to sell quickly and smoothly, we should touch base with Dan and he came through as expected. We really appreciated how quickly he always got back to us answering any questions we had. Dan is technically savvy which we found very convenient because we were able to keep in touch efficiently utilizing communication venues such as texting and emails to keep in touch.

            Sellers: Phil & Tina Antill


Kitchener - Downtown

Testimonial: “Reflecting on the sale of my home, I really appreciated that Dan was consistently on top of things, handling all showings and taking care of all marketing, saving me the hassle and time. He was able to pull in a considerable amount of interest in the home and helped negotiate the smooth sale of the home.”


         Seller: Brad Gerber


Co-ordinated Smooth Purchase & Sale - Kitchener - Kingsdale

Testimonial: “Having a professional like Dan taking care of everything in regards to both the sale of my current home and helping me attain the mortgage for my new home really helped reduce my stress level. It was nice only having to deal with one person, which meant I didn’t have to relay messages back and forth between my realtor and mortgage agent. Thanks for consistently keeping in touch Dan, providing feedback and being accessible during all hours. Dan is utilizes technology such as BBM, texts, scans, emails, etc… which was very convenient for me.

        Sellers: Joani & Teah Jay


Sold After 1.5 years and 2 other agents - Kitchener, East - Lackner Woods

Testimonial: “Thanks Dan for caring and consistently trying your best to sell my home and ensuring that I was aware of what was going on at all times. Previously I tried selling my home with a couple other agents who in both cases I felt like they passed me off to their team members and forgot about me and my house. You consistently kept in touch. I appreciated the update emails you sent that showed me that my home was being viewed via a considerable number of websites and I appreciated the post open house feedback emails. Most importantly I appreciated the professional but approachable way you conducted yourself, easy to get a hold of you.

          Seller: Augusto Cajas-Espinosa 

Sold in 2 days for 98% of list - Cambridge, Hespeler

Testimonial: “I certainly would recommend you to future clients. I will spread the word ! You kept me updated worked hard for me Thank you!”

           Seller: Ann Turner



 *     Sold in 1 day, $99+% + Quick Closing - Cambridge, East Galt

Testimonial: “Dan you did a PERFECT job, you sold the home in 1 day. You  helped me price the home accurately so that it sold quickly along with being accessible and providing good insight as to what I should do to prep/stage my home so that I would maximize my profits. Thanks for your patience as I worked at preparing my home for sale and coming out several times to review/evaluate the sales in my neighborhood over the course of several months prior to listing my home. You did an exceptional job of networking the 1200+ agents on your database promptly so that we were able to attain not only 99+% of my list price but also a very quick closing. I appreciated your ability to accommodate my long distance needs while I was out of the country utilizing the appropriate technology and ensuring all documentation was processed as needed to be while I was away, so that upon my return the closing process was smooth.” 

           Seller: Mark Greig

 SOLD…. Perseverance Wins - Kitchener, East - Stanley Park, 

Testimonial: “Reflecting on your service as a Listing agent, there were a number of things I appreciated. Firstly your flexibility, for instance you were willing to run open houses and rearrange them so that they suited my schedule. On the other hand you were not pressuring, again you never pressured us to have open houses and it was up to us as to how often we wanted you to host them, if at all. You were on top of arranging showings and would reschedule them if they did not fit my schedule. You made a point of always accommodating my needs and my schedule.  Thanks Dan”

            Seller: Adam Gordon 

Testimonial: “It was a pleasure having Dan involved in the sale of our home. I really appreciated Dan’s suggestions regarding how we ought to best stage our home. As well I appreciated being informed on a regular basis regarding how many people were checking out our home via the numerous websites Dan utilizes to advertise his listings. Dan always kept us well informed of when people had arranged to see the home. The subsequent feedback was insightful.”

           Seller: Erika Gordon

Sold in 3 Weeks for 98% of Asking - Kitchener, East - Grand River South

Testimonial: We really appreciated Dan’s assistance in helping us sell our home very quickly. We were impressed with the quick sale he brought us within three weeks of listing the home. Throughout the entire process we appreciated his outgoing friendly personality. It was comforting know that Dan genuinely cared for our interest and was ultimately in our court helping us sell the home at a price that suited our needs."

          Sellers: Dave & Sheila Bodemer 



Sold after 2 Long Listings for 98% of List Price - Township of Elmira

Testimonial: “Having Dan involved in selling our home we know made the difference.  Our home had 2 bedrooms and Dan realized that advertising it in such a manner would seriously mitigate the exposure and hence influence our ability to sell the home. Dan was able to make appropriate changes that gave us the opportunity to attain a higher level of exposure for marketing our home which we know ultimately helped the home sell. Throughout the entire selling process we appreciated Dan’s thorough aggressive personality type. He always pursued feedback from the other agents that previewed our homes, which we utilized to help stage our home. In general it was a joy to work with Dan, very personable, professional, and humorous; but always empathetic to our needs. He took the time to listen and he genuinely cared about our feelings and thoughts.  To sum our experience up, Dan was a go getter, got the job done in a timely manner, open and honest, and always got back to us promptly."

          Sellers: Tony & Mary Mikac

Sold in 5 days for 98+% of List Price - Township of Elmira

Testimonial: “Reflecting on the whole process, it all came together rather quickly. We decided to list our homes just prior to going on vacation. Dan utilized this time to get our house on the market right away, hosting open houses and booking as many agents as possible to view the home prior to our return, hence saving us a lot of potential inconveniences. We received an offer almost immediately and despite being out of the country Dan was able to get a hold of us and after negotiating back and forth with the buyers we had an offer that more then met our needs. Reflecting on Dan’s service, we appreciated the fact that he made sure that everything was dealt with quickly and that no glitches developed along the way. He was always accessible, ready to assist us with any questions or concerns we may have had.”

           Sellers: Phil and Tina Antill

Finally Sold after 2 Years & 3 Agents - Hamilton, ON

Testimonial: “I tried selling my home since 2009 both on my own and through three other agents. The methods/avenues Dan utilized to advertize did the trick. I was amazed as to how many people Dan was able to draw to the home. Through persistence and continuous advertising we eventually received a good offer on the home. Despite the fact that my home is situated an hour away, in Hamilton, from where Dan usually conducts business he still ran a sufficient number of open houses and handled the affairs related to the sale of my home promptly. I especially appreciated how accessible he was, always supplying me with feedback from the other agents that showed my home.  He handled the negotiations and the closing of my home very smoothly.”

          Seller: Helen Bradshaw

Despite Stiff Competition Sold 97% of Asking - Cambridge - North Galt, 

Testimonial: “Dan was committed to the sale. Despite the ongoing competition with the other condos coming on the market within our complex, Dan persistently pursued the sale. I especially appreciated his flexible personality, making every effort to accommodate my needs through such things as open houses. He always kept me well informed as to what was going regarding the marketing and sale of my home. He made a point of tracking down feedback from every agent and communicating it to me; which was utilized in helping me stage my home so that I wouldn’t miss any opportunities. It was a great relief knowing that Dan was overseeing everything and that if I had any questions or concerns he would make every effort to get back to me as quickly as possible.”

          Seller: Tracey Mascoll

Sold 100% of Asking & attained 5 months closing within 4 days - Kitchener, West - Huron Village

Testimonial: Dan you did an excellent job of representing and helping us sell our home quickly. We especially appreciated how you involved us every step of the way. You ensured that everything met our expectations/needs: including pictures, showings, and our overall needs. You communicated consistently and clearly regarding anything that pertained to the sale of our home. Overall, you did an excellent job of listing our home, ensuring that we attracted numerous viewers’ right from the onset. We were especially nervous about attaining a long closing of 5 months, in order to accommodate the construction of our new home. Ultimately, the thing that impressed us the most was that you were able to attain a closing that met our needs, hence saving us the aggravation of having to find alternative accommodations.

        Sellers: Chris & Emily Saville

Sold 101+% of Asking in 4 days - Kitchener, West - Country Hills, 

Testimonial: “Thank you for listing our home quickly and efficiently. Your preparedness exemplified for us that you would confidently handle any issues that should happen to arise. We really appreciated how organized you were with your well-designed game plan. You did a thorough job of ensuring that our home was listed accurately so that no time or opportunities would be wasted. We really appreciated how encouraging you were throughout the entire process. Prior to listing, we were nervous but you made the entire process an enjoyable one. We have worked with a lot of agents in our time, and by far you are the best agent we have ever worked with. Keep up the good work.”

        Sellers: Andy & Laurie Staller


Former Private Sale sold within 3 Weeks - Kitchener, West - Country Hills, 


Testimonial: “You did an excellent job Dan. You did everything we expected and more, you covered all the bases. You conducted yourself in a very professional manner, respectfully listening to what we had to say and informing us as to what your ideas and thoughts were in a polite upfront manner. I thought about hiring an older more experienced agent but in retrospect, I couldn’t have hired a better agent.”

       Sellers: Nevin & Wanda Gingerich


Asking $269,900 – Sold $273,500 - Kitchener, West - Laurentian Hills


Testimonial: “He did an amazing job. He really gave it his all. I was very impressed with his work, his friendliness, and his willingness to help all he could. Great Job, Dan!! We really liked working with you!! I recommend Dan Elliott to anyone selling or buying a house!!!”


        Seller: Lorraine Bivas

Sold 101% of Asking in 1 Week - Kitchener, West -Pioneer Park

Testimonial: “You did not waste time. While many realtors wouldTestimonial have waited until after Christmas to list our home, you quickly listed our home, took pictures, and advertised it immediately. You were prompt; you got the job done in a timely manner. You were on top of your game."

       Sellers: Michelle & Brad Sexton



Cambridge - East Galt

Testimonial: “Your explanation of the services was quick and precise. You advertised my home in an effective mannerI know you had some other properties at the same time, and you still did the open houses quite often."

       Sellers: Phil McGrath




Kitchener, West 

Testimonial: “Your explanation of the services was quick and precise. You advertised my home in an effective mannerI know you had some other properties at the same time, and you still did the open houses quite often."

       Sellers: Ryan Walter