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Buyer's Success Stories

 Bought despite Stiff Competition Kitchener, West - Forest Heights

Testimonial: "Having you by our side, guiding us along as we endeavoured to buy our new home was highly appreciated Dan. We really appreciated how you took the time to observe the home and then provided us with an unbiased objective assessment of the home based on your experiences reviewing so many homes over the years with other clientele. You made a point of always being accessible and we really appreciated how personable you were. We felt very comfortable with you, and especially appreciated your stories which helped ease the pressure as we hunted for the right home and even more so as we had to contend with multiple offers numerous times. At times we felt discouraged because we were up against anywhere from 5 to 7 other contenders, but you helped us get through it and encourage us to keep hunting. Ironically enough that perseverance helped us get the first home we put an offer in after the buyer’s finances fell through."

          Buyers: Kelly Yorke  & Brad Fife

WON!! Multiple Offers United States - California

Testimonial: "We took your advice more than once and it paid off.  The agent in California was reluctant to help us negotiate fixes in light of inspection, but with your guidance we were able to negotiate the appropriate amount of fixes and money back without risking the purchase of the home. Glad we listened.  :) "

          Buyers: Kevin & Ruth Horan


Bought conditional upon Sale of Home Kitchener - Downtown

Testimonial: "Dan is an extremely hard working and dedicated agent who was open to all my questions, genuinely enthusiastic about answering them and took the time to educate me on comparable listings. I had very specific requirements in the type of home I was looking for and Dan ensured I was informed of new listings as soon as they went up. He even went a step further searching expired listings and contacting those agents to discuss possibilities. When the perfect home did pop up, he knew instantly it was under-priced and we should jump on it. Despite going into multiple offers, I won! Without Dan's direction, knowledge and advice I would still be hunting for a home. I appreciate that he always had my best interests in mind. Knowing I have a busy schedule, he ordered the status certificate on my behalf and coordinated the lawyers to pick it up, saving me a trip after work and making sure everything was lined up so I could take possession in just over 2 weeks. Dan made it happen!"

          Buyers: Tara Olheiser 

Bought conditional upon Sale of Home Woodstock

Testimonial: "I picked Dan as my agent because I had worked with him in the past and knew that he honestly cared for my well being and would do everything he is capable of to advise and protect my interests. I appreciated his ASAP notification of new listings and his willingness to show homes right away before someone else snatched them up. Despite the fact that I was looking in Woodstock, Dan was still willing to help me. Dan’s forthrightness and honesty are highly appreciated. It was also nice knowing Dan kept the seller’s agent informed as we worked through the sale of my home in order to firm up our offer. Dan did a great job of keeping the seller on board despite the need to put offer in conditional upon the sale of my home and once we had everything done, Dan did a great job of negotiating the price and getting me top value."

          Buyers: Paul Masters  

Negotiated $7000 off & Convenient Closing - Kitchener - Downtown

Testimonial: “There are so many things I appreciated about Dan as my realtor. Thanks Dan for working with my schedule, being able to show me so many homes homes on the weekends. I really appreciated his honesty, his forthright nature, that he is not pressuring,  and is very knowledgeable. At the same time he did not pretend to know everything but was willing to find me accurate answers in a timely manner. All around we were very comfortable working with Dan, appreciating the fact that he kept in touch with us consistently returning our calls and emails in a timely manner. Dan did a great job at the negotiation table… encouraging the seller to adjust price up front and even then still getting the seller to come down a tad more to reflect what we felt was the appropriate price to pay for the home."

           Buyers: Aysa (Xuemo) Fan 

Snatched from a Conditionally Accepted Offer - Brantford - Grand Woodlands

Testimonial: We appreciated how quickly Dan got back to, making every effort to arrange quick viewings of any and all homes that tweaked our interest. The website was very handy in helping us navigate the available housing options and sort and share our thoughts with each other. Dan was very knowledgeable in regards to the various intricacies of the homes, regarding both the pros and cons of various types and ages of homes. In the end he provided us with comps we utilized to assess value and then Dan went to the negotiation table and was able to get us the home of our dreams for a price that worked for us. Thanks again Dan for everything, we will pass your name on to our friends and acquaintances that we know would benefit from your help."

          Buyers: Tim & Heather Elliott

Bought ASAP After $20,000 Price Drop - Kitchener, West - Forest Heights

Testimonial: Thanks Dan for accommodating our schedule and setting up all the showings for us. This really helped make the overall house hunting process much easier on us, considering our different schedules. As well the listings you sent helped us sift through all the options and keep us in the loop ASAP of relevant homes. When we found the right home you did a good job of communicating our desires through the offer and having access to the comps helped us make an informed confident decision regarding coming up with the right price. As always communication was superb.

          Buyers: Cindy and Werner Werner


Kaufman Lofts: Penthouse Level - Downtown, Kitchener

Testimonial: "Reflecting on my experience working with Dan, there are a number of attributes I really appreciated including how he made every effort to be available to show me the homes when it suited my schedule, as well as being very flexible and accommodating of my needs and time schedule. Communication was superb; Dan accommodated text communication which worked great when I was at work and he always got back to me in a timely manner.  I also appreciated his open/personable personality, and the insight he provided regarding the pros and cons of various neighborhoods was appreciated. Of course I can’t forget the email notices that kept me posted as to what was coming on to the market, and my personal webpage was very user friendly. All around I felt like the whole house hunting process was handled smoothly."

Buyer: Jan Mitrik

WON!!! Multiple Offers - Country Hills, Kitchener

Testimonial: "Thanks Dan for accommodating showings so quickly for us… it was nice knowing we did not have to wait for potential open houses when we saw homes that seemed to fit what we were looking for. Pictures often did not portray things as we expected so we had to see quite a few homes but Dan accommodated these and made sure that no opportunities slipped by. It was helpful having the comparables to review in order to help ensure we were paying the appropriate price for the home. Dan took his time and carefully went over all the applicable comparables so that we could make an informed decision in regards to what prices to offer on the homes that interested us. Thanks for helping us find and attain the right home…. it was a relief winning the multiple offers on our NEW HOME!!! J Obviously you had other clients (and a family), but always made time for us. We got frustrated a few times with the sales process, but you always looked at the positives and calmed us down. Much appreciated."

          Buyers: Pat & Ewa Wilson

SNATCH UP IN ONE DAY! - North Ward, Waterloo

Testimonial: "Thank you so much for all your help in selling and finding another house. Your help certainly made the process so much easier, especially understanding all the paperwork. Your patience and expertise is very much appreciated. I'm very excited about my new house. Looking forward to moving and working on making it my own. Thanks so much again!!! You do your job well and are on top of things... thanks!!"

            Buyer: Debbie Olheiser



Snatched in 1 Day - Kitchener, West - Country Hills

Testimonial: "It was a nice feeling knowing that as soon as a listing came on the market that matched our criteria, Dan ensured that we were aware of it. As well he suggested alternate options that initially we had not considered which would also accommodate our needs, such as homes with main level masters. Whenever something did tweak our interest Dan made a point of ensuring we were able to see the home ASAP, often with very little notice. When we found the right home, Dan did what he could to encourage the seller to review the offer despite their initial desire to hold so that we didn’t miss an opportunity. As well having access to the comparables to verify that the home was priced right was helpful as we contemplated what we should offer the sellers in order to ensure we did not overpay. All around it was comforting know that Dan was there every step of the way ready to guide and assist as needed."

            Buyers: Cara & Tony Tavares

No Lost Opportunities - Kitchener, West - Country Hills

Testimonial: "Reflecting on our experience working with Dan in finding the right home, it was a great experience. We really appreciated that Dan made every attempt to get back to us as quickly as possible regarding any questions we had and showings that we requested. It was very comforting knowing that Dan was available when we called on him and looking out for out best interests, ensuring we were well informed, including being notified immediately of any new listings and when it came down to reviewing the comparables and putting together an offer that met our needs. Dan, thanks again for accommodating our quick short notice showings and even showing us up to 6 homes in one day, this was very convenient for us."

            Buyers: Ryan Walter and Monika Chmiel

Waterloo, West - Clair Hills

Testimonial: "Thanks Dan for keeping me posted and well informed of new homes that just came on the market that fit my criteria. As well when it came down to putting an offer in on my home of interest I felt confident in my decision thanks to the ability we had to review the comparable and the history for the neighborhood. I really appreciated how flexible you were, moving appointments around if need be to help ensure that I could go see homes of interest potentially with very little notice. Thanks for making a point of being available and keeping in touch with me from  the start of our search right up to and after taking possession of my new home. I know you had to go above and beyond at times and I was able to count on you."

          Buyers: Katie Morrison

Snatched in 1 day + $6500 OFF - Cambridge - Hespeler

Testimonial: Thanks again Dan for providing quick notice of new listings and accommodating quick/short notice showings when we needed them. It was comforting knowing you were present making every effort to make sure no opportunities were lost for us. As well throughout the entire purchasing process we really appreciated that you made a point of getting back to us ASAP, via email, text, or phone call. We were impressed by the professionalism you conveyed, answering all of our questions, providing us with the data we needed to make an informed decision, and ensuring the paperwork was written and processed so that our needs were looked after. In particular we appreciated your candid non pressuring approach to reviewing and analysing the values inherent in homes along with evaluating the pros and cons present in the various homes. We never felt pressured but appreciated hearing your professional opinion and insight.”

          Buyers: Lisa & Jack Sarmazian

Beat the CompetitionCambridge - Hespeler

Testimonial: "You have been knowledgeable and honest. Always available and kind to answer even during weekends. So, thank you again for everything you have done for enabling us to buy this house."

Buyer: Mitra Shivahry

Testimonial: Dan is honest, knowledgeable, and has a great sense and pulse for what kind of home his clients want  and need even if they don't.

            Referee: John Sherren


Negotiated 3.5% off plus $5000 price drop - Kitchener, West - Alpine Village

Testimonial: “…I’ve moved in and I am thoroughly enjoying the new layout after the renovations….  All in all thanks to you I have found a good home that I enjoy living in.  I will be sending your email card to friends I know so they could spread the good word about your services… In this house It is so peaceful that really I can hear myself think now compared to the nerve wrecking noise of the highway traffic in the last place. The garage comes very handy for keeping stuff until it is thrown out.  I have a new wooden floor and the house is painted so you’ll like it.  ” 

            Buyer: Chris Saville

Immediatly Informed of Price Reduction - Cambridge - Preston

Testimonial: “We really appreciated Dan regularly notifying us of new homes that came on the market that matched our criteria. As well, being first time home buyers, we found Dan’s insight regarding the structural and mechanical makeup of the home to be. Sometimes we would get caught up in our excitement enjoying some of the beautiful cosmetics within the homes; it was comforting knowing that Dan was scrutinizing the home, bringing to our attention any issues we may have overlooked. Communication was superb, he always got back to us quickly and we appreciated his tech savvy-ness, utilizing several modes of communication including texting. In our opinion the most valuable service Dan provided was his ability to save us both time and hassle. He arranged showings quickly, accommodating our schedules so that we didn’t have to wait for open houses or try contacting several different agents and then coordinate our schedules with the other parties.” 

           Buyers: Katie Anderson & Robbie Berardi

Patience & Perseverance = 5% SavingsCambridge

Testimonial: “It was nice knowing Dan was always on top of things. He was persistent, following up with deadlines on my behalf, keeping me posted as to when the other party’s conditions were due to expire. I appreciated Dan’s patience, consistently making a point of meeting my needs even if it required that I needed to see the same home several times. I especially appreciated Dan’s willingness to drive to Cambridge from Kitchener whenever there was a home I was interested in seeing.”

Buyer: Dave Lovell


Negotiated 3+%OFF& Private Seller covered all commissions

Kitchener, West - Alpine Village

Testimonial:  “Thanks Dan for ensuring that my experience in buying my first home was a positive one. It was a great feeling knowing that even though I may be busy any given day, if a new home came on the market that matched the criteria I was looking for in a home, that I would receive an email ASAP informing me. The website does a great job of displaying the details pertinent to the homes I was interested in. The tools on the website came in handy as I was able to evaluate the potential of the homes and then allocate them to my own personal lists for future reference. When it came to reviewing homes or discussing the merits of the listings I had received, you always took the time to assist me. Despite your busy schedule I always felt that I was a priority. Thanks for taking the time to explain the home buying process to me and for not only drawing up such a well written offer, but for also taking the time to thoroughly explain what I was agreeing to. Buying my first home was a great experience and I am excited about moving in.”

           Buyer: Saher Haq

Great Opportunity - Snatched Away

Kitchener, West - Rockway

Testimonial: “Buying a home with you Dan was a great experience. Thanks for consistently keeping me in the loop regarding what I was looking for in a home via your automated notification system. I appreciated your speedy responses. You made a point of showing me homes promptly and you always kept me in the loop regarding confirmations of showings.”

            Buyer: Adam Gordon


Saved $13,000 + $6,000 Recent Price Reduction 

Kitchener, East - Lackner Woods

Testimonial:  Dan did his job as I expected him to. He did an excellent job. I chose Dan as my representative/agent because I felt comfortable with him. Even though I’ve known him for a very short time, I feel like I’ve known him for years. I was able to talk openly and candidly about any concerns I had regarding the purchase of my first home with Dan. He was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions in a clear concise manner.   I especially appreciated the fact that he kept in contact with me on a regular basis getting back to me quickly at all times. In the future I not only feel confident about referring Dan to my friends but I am looking forward to working with him again.”

              Buyers: Radenko & Vasilija Petkovic

Saved 3%+ - Township of Drayton

Testimonial:We appreciated Dan’s professionalism throughout the entire process. His personable and knowledgeable demeanour was valued, as he had numerous experiences he was able to share with us regarding his personal experiences and that of his clients. This helped us understand and put us at ease as we contemplated the various aspects of both the home purchase procedure and the facets of homes in general. We really appreciated being kept informed of homes that came on the market that fell within the specifications we were looking for as they came available. Dan utilized a wide array of communication technologies; including scanning, texting, emailing, etc., to both keep in touch with us and to ensure that all paperwork was processed in a timely manner.  Great job.”

               Buyers: Jay & Christine Anger

Great Buy – exclusive model backing on to Green

Kitchener, West - Huron Village

Testimonial: “Reflecting on my experience working with Dan, good communication stands out. I was able to get a hold of Dan very quickly most of the time and the few times we did not connect on the phone, Dan always got back to me very quickly. His accessibility was very much appreciated.”

            Buyer: Wendy Fox


Wow!!! Saved 5% off Listed Price - Cambridge - FisherMills 

Testimonial: “Dan, you should be teaching other realtor’s what to do. Reflecting on our experience working with you, there’s nothing that you need to work on. We really appreciated your ability and willingness to accommodate quick showings and for always being there for us when we needed you. We especially appreciated the fact that you were patient and understanding; we never felt pressured in any way. Keep up the good work.”


             Buyers: Beth Clarke & Brad Gerber



New vs. Old - New Wins - Township of Breslau

Testimonial:  “After reviewing numerous resale and new build models, I decided that having a new home built was the right option for me.  Dan kept me well informed of the new resale homes that were coming on the market and he personally took me to preview new build models available to me. He was well informed and brought to my attention the various new build sites I could choose from. He ensured I was one of the first to hear of new developments coming on the market. He accommodated quick viewings of the resale homes that interested me and provided me with his professional opinion as to both the pros and cons of buying either a brand new home vs. a resale home. Overall Dan ensured I was well informed so that I was able to make a confident decision based on my needs and desires.”

          Buyer: Brad Malcolm

Purchased within Days of Listing - Waterloo, West - Columbia Forest, 

Testimonial: “Reflecting on my experience, Dan you were exactly what I wanted and needed in an agent.  I felt comfortable working with you, never pressured. Your light, approachable and yet highly professional personality was appreciated. You did a great job of taking care of everything promptly and communicating with me consistently so that I always knew what was going on. Your experience and knowledge was valued as you pointed out both the good and the negative aspects present in the homes. Things didn’t always come together as we had planned and yet you always stayed positive. Thanks for being so co-operative and supporting me both in finding the right home and helping me avoid others that were not meant to be."

           Buyer: Elizabeth Ferreira

Saved 4+% off List Price - Kitchener, East - Freeport

Testimonial:  “Dan got the job done. He made a point of getting back to me promptly about anything and everything I needed. If I wanted to see a home, Dan would make a point of getting me in ASAP. He showed that he really did care about our needs because he constantly kept in touch with us, ensuring that we were always aware of not only the homes on the market but exactly where we stood in regards to how the purchase of our new homes was coming along. I appreciated the fact that Dan would take the time to thoroughly explain every aspect of the home buying process and what was required from me every step along the way.”

          Buyer: Tam Huynh

Saved $7700 - Kitchener West- Kingsdale

Testimonial:  “I expect a lot from those whom I choose to do employ and I am happy to say Dan met my expectations. He did a great job, he listened to what I wanted in a home; he used the internet to initially narrow down the prospective homes and then personally pre-viewed the homes on my behalf.  This saved me a considerable amount of time, hassle, and stress and for that I am very thankful. I had a tight time line that Dan had to meet and he made every effort to ensure my needs were being met so that I could find and attain my new home as quickly as possible. He made a point of being present every step of the way, always available to answer any questions or concerns. Thanks for helping my family and I find a home with such short notice. You’re a great guy and I enjoyed working with you and I enjoyed getting to know you better as well.  You went over and above for me and my girls and I want to thank you for that, it is hard to please Debbie but somehow you managed to do it, hats off to you!!! Take care of yourself Dan, I wish you all the best. You are good at what you do and would and have recommended you to friends”

           Buyer: Debbie MacPhee

Shown and Sold within 2 Hours of listing

(No Missed Opportunities) - Township of Elmira

Testimonial:  “Working with Dan was a great experience. He genuinely cared about our needs, ensuring that he was readily available to address any concerns or questions we had; and he was always ready to show homes as quickly as possible. Prior to personally touring homes, Dan would research the homes and neighbourhoods, and then bring to our attention any aspects he knew we would not like, so that we did not waste our valuable time. We especially appreciated having the extra pair of professional eyes previewing the home. While we did pay careful attention to many aspects of the home, Dan would bring to our attention anything that we may have overlooked, both reflecting on the positive and negative aspects of homes. Dan was a real go getter, ensuring that no time was wasted, even to the point of ensuring we previewed our new home within the first 2 hours it was listed on the public market. He was always very professional, ensuring that prior to any offers being presented that we were well informed of what other comparable homes had sold for in the area so that we knew we were paying the fair amount for the home. ”

           Buyers: Tony & Mary Mikac

 No Lost Opportunity, Last Unit - Kitchener West  - Huron Park

Testimonial: “Dan you were a great realtor. We especially appreciated how promptly you got back to us, utilizing the blackberry to constantly stay in touch regarding all facets of the transaction. One of the most helpful tools that assisted us in our house hunt was your automated search engine. This search engine helped me stay on top of what was happening on the housing market without necessitating that I need to consistently review the public MLS system. If something new came available that met my personalized specs, I was notified ASAP via email. I never felt like I missed any opportunities because the system ensured that I was aware. As well Dan made sure he got me into any homes that interested me as quickly as possible. We appreciated Dan’s friendliness and his honesty, never pushing any given home and always addressing any areas of concern. He went beyond the call of duty serving as a go-between with our mortgage specialist, addressing and explaining any areas of concern. He ensured that all the appropriate papers were passed on to the lawyers and mortgage specialist. Overall he ensured everything was handled properly so that we can look forward to enjoying our new home without worrying about something being missed.”

         Buyers: Tyler Niles & Pamela Hoffarth

 Saved $12000 - Kitchener West - Laurentian

Testimonial: “Dan,as first time homebuyers we really appreciated that you took the time to clearly explain to us the whole home buying process. You referred us to an experienced home inspector that was not only knowledgeable but had the tools we had requested in order to conduct a thorough inspection of our new home. Thanks for all your help providing us with the guidance and knowledge needed to help us easily find and acquire the home of our dreams. With your assistance, we were confident that we were buying the right home at the right price. One of the things that really stuck out in our minds was your availability. You were flexible and quick to accommodate our schedule. We recommend Dan to anyone looking to buy a home, especially first time homebuyers.”

          Buyers: Kathleen Morrison & Frank Brezovic 

 Saved $5000 & Secured SBP - Cambridge - West Galt

Testimonial: “There were a number of things I appreciated about Dan’s service but perhaps one of the most helpful ones was the automated emails. The search notification system kept me on top of what was coming on the market, even before the homes came on the public MLS system. I liked the fact that it allowed me to maintain control of the home search while providing me with the convenience of knowing what was coming on the market. Dan did a great job of keeping the communication lines open, always accommodating all of questions and looking into such things as the history of the homes I was considering. He made every effort to accommodate short notice showings. Overall he made my home shopping experience a positive one."

          Buyer: Tracey Mascoll

 Succesful Investor - Uptown Waterloo

Testimonial:   “As an investor, buying and selling a number of properties over the years, I can honestly say that having the right agent assisting you with the acquisition of properties makes ALL the difference. When I reflect on my experiences working with Dan, the thing that stick outs the most to me is his ability to negotiate and ensure that I get what I want for a price that I am comfortable paying. Through Dan’s experiences, he has acquired a number of strategies and methodologies he employs in order to assist him in bringing about results that I am happy with. As well through the utilization of his personalized search engine, he helps keep me on top of things so that I do not miss any opportunities and when I see a property that I feel holds some potential, Dan ensures that he gets me in to see the property as soon as possible. When considering what I am willing to pay for a property, Dan develops an extensive CMA to ensure that we are familiar with each and every market that we are evaluating, so that I am confident that the price I am paying for a property is justified. I highly recommend to anyone considering getting into real estate to draw upon Dan’s wealth of knowledge and insight in order to ensure you are making the right decisions and are not being cheated.”

        Buyer: Brad Malcolm

 Saved $12,000 - Kitchener West - Forest Hill

Testimonial: “Thanks again for all your hard work Dan. You did a great job as a buyer’s agent. You listened to what we wanted and were looking for. You did not waste our time to look at irrelevant homes. We never felt pressured to buy a home. Most importantly, we appreciated your honesty. You never pushed the sale and you made every effort to ensure that we paid an appropriate price for our home. You were a great negotiator, you had strategies that you knew would help us attain the home at the appropriate price, such as allowing time for the owner to realize that they had overpriced  the home. We have worked with a lot of agents in our time, and by far you are the best agent we have ever worked with. Keep up the good work.”

           Buyers: Andy & Laurie Staller

 WOW 6% OFF Listed Price - Kitchener West - West Ward

Testimonial:  "When you asked us what we appreciated about your services this is what immediately came to mind: you were very prompt in getting back to us, we never had to chase you for answers because  you where on top of things, and you made a point of being available and accommodated our schedule. You never pressured us in any manner, either regarding how much time we needed to thoroughly review the properties or whether we ought to purchase a particular home. In the end, you helped us take possession of the home in record time with no hiccups along the way."

           Buyer: Brad Gerber


Almost a Lost Opportunity - Township of Conestogo

Testimonial:  “Dan you helped us find and obtain our new home. The personalized search notification emails were great. If it wasn’t for them, we may not have found it. As well thanks for dealing with the other agent and negotiating on our behalf, it saved us a lot of stress not having to deal with the less than accommodating agent. Reflecting on your services, one of the things that stuck out the most in our minds was the realization that we were your priority, not at the bottom of the list. You didn’t waste time, you always got back to us ASAP. Thanks again for taking the initiative and having the foresight to call upon the assistance of a knowledgeable mortgage specialist that was able to help us acquire our home. We really appreciated that you are technologically savvy. Through the utilizations of emails, scanners, fax machines, etc… you saved us a lot of time and hassle. We highly recommend Dan to anyone looking to purchase a home.”

        Buyers: Vanessa & John Harrow

 Saved $5,000 off New Build - Kitchener East - Bridgeport

Testimonial:  “We chose Dan as our agent firstly because he got the job done. He made a point of getting back to us quickly with the information we requested. As we continued to work with Dan, we really appreciate the feeling of exclusivity we received from him. We knew he had a lot on the go but we always felt like we were his number one priority. We never felt pressured to buy a home and as we visited the various homes, Dan drew upon his wealth of knowledge and informed of us of the pros and cons present associated with the homes. He was open and honest. We especially appreciated the fact that he made every effort to accommodate our schedules. He would go out of his way and bring the papers to my office to be signed, saving me the trip.”

       Buyers: Victor & Margaret Jones

Cambridge - Preston

Testimonial: “Dan, you were very clear about all the services you were offering right from the beginning. You kept us very well updated on all listings coming into the market. You were always available to answer all of our questions. We would definitely recommend your services to our friends, you were very efficient.”

      BuyersFatima and Manuel Castell



Saved $12,000 off Original Price - Township of Baden

Testimonial:  "You were a great realtor; you did everything we expected. The thing that stuck out the most was your ability to negotiate. You didn’t waste our time going back and forth with offers, you respected our bottom line. You politely but firmly explained to the buyers what we were willing to offer and you made every effort to work things out so that we got the house for a price that we were comfortable with. You listened to our needs and desires. You were very factual in how you handled yourself, providing us with plenty of information to help validate/explain what homes are worth by referring us to applicable examples."

        Buyers: Brad & Michelle Sexton

$5,000 Saved on top of Recent Price Adjustment

Cambridge - Hespeler

Testimonial:  “Dan, we really appreciated how patient you where with us, even when we told you we were going to hold off for a few months you kept working. We especially appreciated your prompt responses concerning all of our questions about real estate, properties, and arranging quick short-notice showings. Once we did find the home of our dreams you were referred us to a knowledgeable, thorough home inspector. You were exactly what we were looking for and wanted in a real estate agent. We will definitely refer you to any friends, colleagues, or family members whom we know may need a realtor.”

         Buyers: Mary-Ellen & Dwayne Kell

Negotiated $22,000 off Listed Price

          Township of St. Agatha

Account:   "I represented my buyer through tense negotiations. We presented an initial offer and subsequently counter-offers over the course of a week. As a result of tactful negotiations we are able to help the seller realize their asking price was not reasonable and that our offer was reasonable. I am proud to announce that I was able to negotiate an offer that thoroughly pleased my buyer. The home was listed at $279,900 and we agreed to purchase the home for $258,000.

Testimonial:  “Dan, you did an excellent job of negotiating on my behalf.”

             Buyer: Brad Malcolm